About Vulgarity For Charity


We Truly Believe All Words Have Value!

The All Words Have Value Swear Jar Campaign is our online way of filling up the swear jar and helping to provide  financial and grief assistance to Survivors of Suicide Loss, so they can continue their journey to healing. 

Our story began with the loss of a husband, father, son, dear friend, but probably he most identified himself as a self deprecating stand-up comedian on the local DFW comedy scene, Josh Fischer. who succumb to his depression on February 9th, 2018. My husband and I had thought of a charity to help provide grief assistance after the loss of a good friend to suicide three months prior to Josh taking his own life. After losing him to suicide, I discovered in this "new grief journey " that sometimes swear words were all I could use to express effectively how I was feeling, but because I did not want to hurt anyone else I started filling up my swear jar instead. That is when the realization hit that All Words Have Value. My path in life has now introduced me to many others that are just like myself in having this overwhelming grief, but they are also having an additional burden of maintaining financial control of their lives after losing their loved ones. That swear jar then became even more valuable by using it to help others that are suicide loss survivors too! After that, I also found  a group of people among the comedy community and among family and friends that are so willing to give of themselves and to volunteer their time that we decided together to move forward with this Charity. Our hope is that with maybe a few swear words, a jar, and a whole lot of laughter we can help ease a survivors grief, even if it is just a little bit.


Vulgarity for Charity